About Us

About Us

Chill House was born in a scary time during Covid when the pandemic made me look inward into my lifestyle choices. 

I stepped out of my comfort zone and became a Yoga Enthusiast followed by completing my YTT 200 hours training. Started my health coach and nutrition course, dive into the world of one of the most confusing subject ever. 

I was on Keto diet back in 2019, I did see a great results however studies have shown that you should not be on Keto Diet over 3 months in order to achieve the ultimate goal; to achieve metabolic flexibility. 

During Keto diet, I have learnt a lot about food. You don't have to sacrifice your favourite chocolate cake, you can have a sugar-free, low-carbs cake using the right ingredients. Life is too short to on an extreme food restrictive diet. 

This is how I begins with experimenting ingredients! 
After thousands of reading, studying, Human Experiments we have come to a conclusion. 

We would like to promote a high fibre, low carbs, sugar-free lifestyle! 

That is easy to follow and we are here to help you with your products and support group. 

We will combine food and technology together to tailor the best diet suitable for your individual needs. 

We will soon launch a Glucose Monitor Device that you will understand your body better with certain foods. Stay Tune! 

Meanwhile, Be present! Practice Mindful eating. 
Don't be too harsh on yourself! 

Cardi Yeung xxx 
Health & Nutrition Coach